Established in 1992, Global Connection is an extended trading company from a family import/export business of over 25 years. Global and her affiliate, AADI, represent numerous quality manufacturers in China, which include the largest and third largest automobile industrial groups. Global Connection is internationally respected by factories and customers. And we always strive to establish a long term realtionship with our customers.

Our commitment to our customers include:
1. personal attention: we take personal interest in the success of the company with whom we do business; we pay particular attention to services after the sale
2. on-time deliveries: we monitor the factories throughout the process of making the goods; we inform customers of any changes during the process
3. competitive prices: we guarantee competitive prices without compromising quality
4. quality control: we screen factories and its management and inspect goods prior to shipment
5. constantly updated information: we are always searching for new products and manufacturers and always provide our customers with the latest information on products and new products
6. wide range of products
7. ability to source specialty or develop custom parts and products